Welcome to the DuckCorp & HurdFr Debian Repository

These directories contain source and binary packages of the various DuckCorp Projects

On GNU/Linux, you can use this repository with apt by adding in your '/etc/apt/sources.list' file the following lines:
deb https://repository.duckcorp.org/debian <suite> <components>
If you want the source packages, also add:
deb-src https://repository.duckcorp.org/debian <suite> <components>
Replace <suite> with your distribution (jessie or unstable) and <components> by a space-separated list of wanted components (dc-net, extra, …)
You will also need apt-transport-https install to use HTTPS transport.

On GNU/Hurd, the configuration is identical except only the sid suite is available.
You can find packagers' GnuPG public keys in the pub_keys directory

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